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“Towards an Anti-Ideal: Radigue, Recording, and the Paradoxes of Representation” co-authored with Charles Curtis and Anthony Vine for publication in “Eliane Radigue at 90, Contemporary Music Review”. To be released May 2023 in Conjunction with a conference on Radigue’s work in Paris

A catalogue essay for the Museum of Art and History in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) as part of their exhibition Sur Papier. This is at the special invitation of Sivan Eldar, whose work will be featured in the exhibition, and which I’ll be writing in response to.
Title: Space, Time, Surface, Perspective
May-September 2021, Museum of Art and History Neuchâtel
Vernissage: May 8, 2021

Interview with Katharina Rosenberger Part I
for the [Switch~ Ensemble] blog
February 2020

On Sivan Eldar’s Tarr
for the [Switch~ Ensemble] blog 
February 2019

Review for TEMPO, Cambridge University Press
Richard Craig’s Vale, featuring compositions by 
Johnson, Järnegaard, Fitch, Barrett, Croft, Pauset.
September 2017