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Ashkan Behzadi
Love, Crystal and Stone
TAK Ensemble
TAK Editions
Released May 2022

Brian Ferneyhough
La Chute d’Icare
Palimpsest, UC San Diego
Conducted by Steve Schick
March 4 2022

John McCowen Mundanas I-V
November 2018

Zeynep Toraman
TAK Ensemble, recorded by David Bird
DiMenna Center for Classical Music
April 18, 2021

Julio Zúñiga
Schemes that offer us a sense of futurity
TAK Ensemble, recorded by David Bird 
Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC
April 25, 2021

Taylor Brook
Star Maker Fragments
recorded by TAK Ensemble at Oktaven Audio
released March 3, 2021 on TAK Editions

Max Murray
Contrabass clarinet and electronics
Recorded by Chris Botta
January 4, 2021

Michelle Lou
Telegrams (revised version)
Recorded by Nathaniel Haering
UC San Diego Studio A
February 14, 2020

Archived Live Stream
Mundanas with John McCowen 
at ISSUE Project Room
September 24, 2020

Timothy McCormack
Recorded and mixed by Alexandria Smith
UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
October 2018

Helmut Lachenmann
Dal Niente (Interieur III)
UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
Live performance, April 6, 2019

contrabass clarinet and electronics
Live at ISSUE Project Room
December 1, 2018

Jürg Frey and Milton Babbitt
Orchestral Works
Windansea Symphony Orchestra
Erik Carlson, Music Director
clarinet section

Lines and Tracings
Morgan Evans-Weiler & Michael Pisaro